Playing For Your Supper Online

The Titan Poker marketing staff has started a campaign directed at exclusively at college poker players. It begins in the USA with a number of tournaments in conjunction with a nation-wide network of restaurants called Campusfood. The idea is to make available innovative marketing to the restaurant partners as well as to offer online menus, which include interactive ordering for students.

Those university students who sign up at Titan Poker using a special bonus code that is provided by Campusfood will become eligible to participate in a series of special online freeroll poker tournaments. Special Campusfood Cash coupons will be awarded to winners, which they can redeem for food orders at those participating restaurants. In this special inaugural Campusfood tournament at Titan Poker, a total of $20,000 in free food is being made available which will end on April 23 at a major final session.

Titan will carry out a series of March Madness tournaments uniquely geared to college students, in March. There will be a special March Madness Poker website set up which will allow new players to download the Titan Poker software and also to register in order to represent their school in this unique series.

Titan Poker will carry out 64 qualifying tournaments that will determine which players are to represent their school in a special free online poker tournament, March Madness Main Event, during the month of March. Valuable prizes for themselves and their schools will be won by players at this Main Event, including laptop computers, championship rings and jackets, iPod Nanos…. and cash that can be spent at CampusFood.

The March Madness tournaments are to be made available to all Titan Poker players that are registered. Each player will be allowed to represent their alma mater or their school, in the special tournament series that will be leading up to the Main Event.

The University of Pennsylvania, in a survey last year, found that as much as 26 percent (and expanding) of male US college students played poker to some extent or another.